Home Styles



Lindal offers you to choose from the 3,000 already Lindal designed plans to be modified individually.


Lindal design - an open and spacious living area, flexible floor layout of the house, naturally lit bathroom interior.



Lindal creates a lot of possibilities to form a flexible floor layout of the house, according to the customer's individual preferences, room functions.


Lindal architecture and style - it is an open and spacious living area, shop walls, glass facades. The patented design feature of the system - the columns and beams structure. Qualitatively treated timber allows you to create exclusive Lindal home architectural solutions, forming large open spaces.

Lindal company is proud of its good reputation. Worldwide, more than 50,000 homes and cedar owners who is very happy. Each house - it's professionalism, the legendary quality, high-tech evidence. Inspired by the design integrity of the structure, economy, inexpensive home maintenance - all of which Lindal company guarantee you.