What is the difference between red cedar, pine or spruce?

Thermal resistance, due to the unique structure of wood. It is also shown that cedar oil beneficial to the human respiratory tract, the heart. Cedar is resistant to moisture.

What is the thickness of the walls using building a house?

Wall thickness can be varied. Standard residential house: 25 cm – 30 cm, 9 cm for summer house.

Will there be a warm house, if the wall thickness of 10 cm or 20 cm?

Yes. Home heat depends not only on the wall thickness. Floors, windows, roof – it’s warm home base. Lindal floors, windows and the roof of the technology adapted precisely for diffetent seasons.

Where usually Lindal homes built?

Lindal homes are built in different climatic zones from Alaska to Hawaii. Lindal has representatives all over the world. These homes are particularly popular in Russia, the USA, Canada, Japan, England, Germany, Greece.

Why cedar shipped from Canada and not from Siberia?

Western Red Cedar and Siberian cedar wood entirely different in their physical properties and appearance. Red cedar grows in North America and western coasts of Canada.

What Lindal Cedar Home price per square meter?

Lindal home price is not calculated by square meters. The exact price is determined by the selected house project.

What is included in the package price of the house?

The price includes: design, home delivery, home staging with a full outdoor decoration, exterior doors, wood frame windows, 50-year warranty (177 km / h wind) Canadian bituminous tile roof, interior partition walls, the second floor / basement floor constructive / overlay (cover – multi-wood fiber board). Walls, ceilings, roof insulation environmentally friendly wood wool.

What is meant by a lifetime structural warranty?

Lindal offers a lifetime warranty on the structure of the house for any construction defects to the original owner of the house.

What is the price of 1 sqm. m to the key?

Preliminary 1 m² price starts from 1950 EUR.

How long does it take home staging?

Home construction would take about 6 months. The implementation of individual projects can last for about 12 months.

Fire protection?

At customer’s request, Lindal impregnates wood by using environmentally friendly, safe, patented material for fire protection – No-Burn.

Is our climate is suitable for large windows?

Lindal windows, as well as a winter garden system is one of the best in the world. Lindal wooden window thermal conductivity is minimal. Lindal offers a variety of shades to protect the windows from the sun. In addition, windows haws protection against insects.

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