When you first start thinking about your home budget, remember to factor in the cost associated with preparing the site for building. Research what building permits you’ll need and the costs to obtain them. Remember to see if the lot is piped into the sewage and hooked up to the water and power grids. It’s considerably less expensive to install the utilities already stubbed into the site, rather than digging all the way to the street to make a connection.

Remember that a site with lots of trees also means at least some tree removal, which can be expensive and should be counted into the budget. And always insist on having soil tests done before you commit to any location. Finding out during construction that your site stands on bedrock will throw you off budget, especially if you need to pick a new location.


Your home is a statement of your lifestyle. So don’t limit yourself to a simple greyish house, the most common design, the most predictable floor plan, or build your home out of mediocre materials. Be different and express your personality with a custom and unique design in your favourite architectural style. The choice is yours – we have a wide range of unique home designs, each one of which can be personalised to reflect your individual tastes and budget considerations. Don’t forget that your home is also a long-term investment, so it’s best not to cut corners and choose high-quality materials that will last a lifetime.




Then there’s the construction phase, which begins with the arrival of building materials – an exciting time for everyone involved! Our team of experienced builders will make a start, continuously working in shifts over the next few months to deliver the project on time. The construction process has many stages: from preparing the site and laying the foundations, to framing, interior trimming and many more steps in between. But if you don’t want to, you don’t need to be concerned with the logistics. If you put your trust in us – that’s our worry. Before you know it, your home is finished and it’s time to move in!

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