Cedar homes

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Turkel Designs

Lindal has created what many thought impossible: Warm modern home design. Whether you choose a modern Turkel Design Lindal from the Dwell Homes Collection, a Classic Lindal, or a custom home designed uniquely for you, your local independent Lindal dealer will help you craft the home of your dreams, that is a joy to live in, inspired by your lifestyle, and respects the natural environment and your budget.

Cedar decks

Cedar deck is an integral and important component of Lindal house. Wood decks allow universal use of this space, which has been used for decades. Such wood decks have the highest stress due to severe weather conditions that they face every day and night, season after season.

Windows of Cedar Homes

The main energy loss is made through the windows, so, Lindal's production basis is low emission argon gas (Low E Argon) glass, known for its special feature - detained heat. Lindal offers a wide range of different styles of windows with a 10 year warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

Time-tested Lindal planning, design and materials have become the basis of the company's success. We rely on our strength and we are assured by our work quality, therefore, we give the customers a lifetime guarantee on structural elements of the house. Lindal is the only company in the world providing a guarantee for all life.

Tree of Life - Canadian Red Cedar

Lindal Cedar Homes uses the finest Western red cedar to build your dream home. This material was chosen because: Western red cedar contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insect attack and decay. Cedar is also a dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight even as it ages.
Properly finished and maintained, Western red cedar ages gracefully and endures for many years. Under a microscope, a cross-section of Western red cedar reveals the secret of its exceptional insulating ability: nearly ten million air-filled cells in every cubic inch. Western red cedar's uniform cell structure gives it 12 times the insulating value of stone or concrete.