Why Western Red Cedar?

Western Red Cedar

Praised by world-renowned architects and interior designers for its extraordinary versatility and durability – Western Red Cedar is the building material of our choice. Due to its straight and grainy structure, Western red cedar is the most stable type of conifer timber. It does not easily bend to pressure, nor does it twist or shrink. Its superb acoustic properties help isolate living spaces from outside noise and suppress the echoes inside.

Visually, the range of textures and tones does not leave anyone in doubt – Western red cedar’s different shades (from soft amber to rich cinnamon) make every detail look exclusive. Western red cedar is also rich in natural oils, which – other than making it naturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage – earn it a truly poetic name: it’s known as the ‘tree of life’.


Western Red Cedar Homes

If you’re a fan of Western Red Cedar too, you’re in the right place. We build in hundreds of different styles and designs, but almost always resort to our premium grade kiln-dried timber. We also firmly believe that everyone should have a home that reflects their unique lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a classic chalet-style vacation home, or a contemporary luxury residence in the suburbs – we’re here for you.

Our home designs are easily customisable and come in at various price points that meet everyone’s tastes and budget. Best of all, your investment is assured by our lifetime structural warranty. We promise that your dream home will – like the ‘tree of life’ it’s built of – truly last a lifetime.


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