Cedar homes

Sun Rooms

Lindal Sun Rooms are built with the same high quality materials as all Lindal homes. Like a Lindal Cedar Home, a Lindal Sun Room is engineered to give you a lifetime of trouble-free living. The sun rooms combine kiln-dried premium grade Western red cedar with energy-efficient windows of the highest industry rating for their ability to prevent air and water infiltration under the toughest test conditions. Made with state-of-the-art Low E Argon glass, our windows provide comfort, energy-efficiency and reduce fading of draperies and furniture fabrics. To best capture your view, our sun rooms include a hidden connector system allowing large expanses of glass, uninterrupted by bulky exposed hardware. And the engineering strength of Lindal Sun Rooms meets or exceeds local building codes.


Unique solutions of Canadian red cedar home technology help dreams come true – this is the system of columns and beams, when the floor and the roof loads are transferred to laminated timber posts, in this way ensuring stability of the building; meanwhile, high space in the building gives the feeling of coziness and warmth