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The revived classics - Lindal Elements

This modern design frame house where small, randomly positioned windows are replaced by the high-ups at the two-story wall up to the roof. The high gable roofs replaces flat or low sloped roofs.

Lindal Elements frame consists of different-sized elements that can be turned in different sides of the house as the extraction of different image and direction. Each element may have a flat or low-pitched roof.

The principles that guide the Lindal Elements system:

1. A multi-purpose area

Each element adapted for everyday use:

Residential elements are the largest of all the elements given to family gatherings. They are also for the installation of the site or the kitchen with the dining room. There may be one or two stories high.
Personal items are medium for the bedroom or home office installation.
Multi-purpose auxiliary elements are the smallest and ideal units for the installation of entrance, connection between bathroom and wardrobe. It is usefully adapted for other purposes.
Small, three-sided elements. They are used for extensions to extend the living space and give it more light.
Outdoor patio expands the space and connects inside the home field.

2. Versatility

Lindal Element's each unit can be equipped with a flat or low-pitched roof depending on the client's wish. And most of the elements of a square area of the floor layout allows you to rotate the roof slope in different directions and thus allow natural sunlight into the house which makes a different architecture of the building.

3. Efficiency

Lindal Elements building blocks and design were developed with the aim of efficiency. The design process using classical Lindal building system greatly reduces the design time. This allows you to quickly and accurately evaluate the project.

Ability to rotate the pitched roof and extend its ledge, easily change the window layout and size enables them to adapt to the current project area and increase home energy efficiency. Rational use of material and human resources reduces the cost of the project.

Lindal Expo House in Kaunas Region

Stop in to see us! We invite you to visit our Lindal home near Kaunas. See firsthand the quality of materials and construction of a Lindal Cedar Home.

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