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Turkel Designs Architects are very pleased by having an opportunity to work with such a renowned company as a Lindal.

"We see this as a unique opportunity to deliver high-quality projects to a wider audience. Cooperation with Lindal is a natural progress of our design principles and working philosophy that good designs should be widely available and such home projects show the straightest path to high-quality output.”

“Working with columns and beams structures are extremely important step for our company, as it represents our work continuity of development. We have developed a series of small compact houses, modern housing satisfaction with wise circulation, structure, space utilization, expectations. Home features have many smart solutions: low audio bandpass, natural materials, protection from sun heat, natural whole-house ventilation and air circulation, rainwater harvesting facilities and etc. House has been delicately designed preserving traditions and at the same time inspiring them with freshness and modernity. Each of the projects has been developed according to the individual customer's needs.”

"We are seeking to work with local company representatives and their customers' so that we can adjust these projects. We are also open to cooperation with representatives of the companies and their customers to create individual projects together. "

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