Cedar homes

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Cedar decks

Cedar deck is an integral and important component of Lindal house. Wood decks allow universal use of this space, which has been used for decades. Such wood decks have the highest stress due to severe weather conditions that they face every day and night, season after season. Without proper and timely finishing, wood decks can create a problem, such as cracks, mold, which increases the likelihood of decay.

The main deck finish function is to protect the wood surface from natural weather processes (sun and water) as well as help maintain its look. For optimal long-term outcome, wood deck finish should be performed immediately after construction. The first wood finish is always the most important. This finish should be applied as soon as possible while the wood is dry.

Lifetime Warranty

Time-tested Lindal planning, design and materials have become the basis of the company's success. We rely on our strength and we are assured by our work quality, therefore, we give the customers a lifetime guarantee on structural elements of the house. Lindal is the only company in the world providing a guarantee for all life.