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Altius Architecture / Toronto, Ontario

Altius Architecture is a comprehensive architectural and construction management company licensed by the Association of Architects of Toronto. The company started its activities in 1998 and collaborates with Lindal Cedar Homes. The company offers services of architects to create more energy efficient homes.

Altius design for Lindal home is characterized by the fact that it is built in a rough spot of the land. Brick and stone masonry house is being harmonized under-construction site in order to maintain the sustainable management of nature and home landscape.

Residential space is created between the foundations, racks, roof projections unlike the use of the building volumes, spaces that are reminiscent of the organic growth of the house and its evolution is not just a vacation home but a full-fledged living residence.

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Unique solutions of Canadian red cedar home technology help dreams come true – this is the system of columns and beams, when the floor and the roof loads are transferred to laminated timber posts, in this way ensuring stability of the building; meanwhile, high space in the building gives the feeling of coziness and warmth