Cedar homes worldwide market leaders.

Lindal has reserved nature’s most perfect prefab home building materials for you: a kiln-dried premium grade of Western red cedar lumber you simply won’t find anywhere else. You can look forward to an entire houseful of premium, above-grade quality home building materials that are the secret to Lindal’s dramatic beauty, structural integrity, low maintenance and living comfort.


Family, community, planet.

Most Lindal homeowners unanimously choose green solutions and building materials for their prefab homes. Organic life is understood in different ways. Most often it is understood as saving an energy or other resources of the Earth and not using toxic materials to build a house. The variety of organic products allows you to create a unique style and comfort to your prefab home at the same time without harming the environment. Organic life is not only the journey destination – it’s way to the brighter life on earth.


Lindal company is proud of its good reputation.

Sir Walter Lindal is the founder of a company and the visionary behind its longstanding reputation for excellence. Over the years, he and his four children have remained actively involved in the management of the company, backed by the talent and experience of a seasoned professional staff and an international network of independent local dealers.

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Lindal dealers are trained to guide you, share their prefab home building expertise and walk you through each step of building a new house. We are proud of their ability to offer you topnotch customer service. Such official dealer in South and North West Europe.