Why Canadian Red Cedar?

Canadian Red Cedar

Smooth to the touch, Western Red Cedar is cherished around the world for its stability and durability. Due to its straight and grainy structure, cedar is the most stable type of conifer timber. It does not easily bend to pressure, nor does it twist or shrink. But it is also astonishingly light, making it the ideal building material for unique designs. Red Cedar Wood also has superb acoustic properties – it is great at isolating your home from noise and suppressing echoes. All of these qualities make it the ideal material for outdoor as well as indoor finish. Because it is rich in natural oils, Western Red Cedar is widely known as the ‘tree of life’.


Canadian Red Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes is a world leader in the design and construction of custom houses. We offer hundreds of home designs and floor plans- from classic, traditional-style houses and mansions to modern urban dwellings and contemporary small homes. Our lifetime structural warranty ensures the lasting quality of your investment. Our huge selection of home designs offer efficient and customizable options and flexible floor plans. Our goal is to create a home that works with your lifestyle, price point, and build site. We will help you design your dream home, on budget, and built to last a lifetime.


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