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The spirit of Cedar Home (magazine „Versus“, Lithuania)

House with a lifetime warranty. First thoughts coming to your mind is that the structure of the house should be reinforced, or of a special metal. It's nothing like that. Canadian company Lindal Cedar Homes is the only company in the world that provides such guarantee (called Lifetime Structural Warranty). This company build houses of red cedar that grows only in western Canada and the northern coast of the United States.

During more than 60 years there were built 50,000 cedar homes all over the world. Lindal family are now very pleased whimsical but generous Russian market's needs. Russia, at least partially, offsets effects of crisis in the U.S. Canadians expects that Europeans, including Lithuanians, will assess such home from decay, emitting a pleasant aroma of red cedar wood, which is not only durable but also can be decorated an outside of the house and provides an exciting opportunity to design the interior.

Some of the western coast of North America Indian tribes called themselves red cedar people. Theirs canoes were from red cedar. They also made from it carve weapons, totems, masks, cooking utensils and wigwam structures. White people who followed Columbus they also appreciated very durable red cedar wood advantages. Due to their resistance to moisture and temperature changes, it is now commonly used for open terraces, garden furnitures.

Lindal Cedar Homes' founder, 89-year family business patriarch Walter Lindal, after assessing the huge red cedar reserves in the western coast of Canada, in 1945, decided to use it for the fast-growing construction market and started to build solid wood homes. The project was a huge success and now the company is not only the oldest but also the largest Canadian red cedar home builder with more than 40 offices around the world.

A special design of the house

For tyheir clients company Lindal offers to choose from more than 3000 kinds of cedar home project. If customers can't decide among such variaty of home models, cedar home builders can do the project according to the client prepared sketches. Lindal authorized representative in Lithuania JSO Rembilda, Director Remigijus tells us (“Versus”) that precisely that what happened to one of the first customers in Lithuania who was keen to build a Cedar home. He already had his own vision of home - a small, about 180 m pent roof log cabin project. It was corrected by Lindal structures and architectural features.

Canadian home essence of the structure is buckling and beam system. Floor and roof loads are from laminated timber poles, thus ensuring the stability of the structure.

Frame between the pillars can be filled in several ways that depends on a master's taste and amount of money. The cheapest option is a single wall inside, swaged glued cedar beams and the exterior - cedar paneling. Changing weather conditions, reliable double-wall, filling the space with insulating material and finishes with a choice from cedar boards or array.

Cedar wood, most precisely, the array of boards are suggested to use in an array of beams and interior for ceilings, floors, doors, stairs, railings.

Well-insulated windows and roofs

Canadian company has patented the so-called silent floor system, which are effective only in Lindal home constructed tracks.

Robert Walter Lindal, who visited Lithuania explained that because of its built quality, home allows opening all constituents - not only reliable frames, but also making it possible good insulating windows and roof. "We aim in particular a low thermal capacity which is important a house thermal mass", explains the cedar construction company manager.

One more feature of stability of the house s because of great insulated roof. "You can build a half meter thick brick walls, insulate them with foam insert only small box, but if the roof is not sufficiently insulated heat will go out through the air", this is an error often noticeable in Lithuania, ecplaines R. Linkis. Lindal homes are built of only 30-60 cm diameter rafters. It also uses reliable heat insulation materials.

Lindal points out that the design of the house and its energy characteristics are different. They are scheduled according to a static local climate. "Naturally, we have a different home in Hawaii and Alaska, but here and elsewhere are build homes with good insulation, durable construction”, said the president of Lindal Cedar Homes.

Most U.S. customers

Robert Walter Lindal claims that he lives in a home built by this his company in one of Seattle suburbs. According to him, diverse architecture makes possible to build such homes everywhere. Such homes can be beautiful in the city and also a cozy urban residence. Contemporary Architecture offers huge spaces, terraces, huge windows.

"This is home for city dwellers. Excellent picture them in Vilnius or Kaunas suburbs and Lithuania seaside landscape”, said the president of the company who traveled in Lithuania. He tells us that the red cedar was discovered by his father and it was the begining of the business in Canada, the commercial and financial center in Toronto. However, after several years, company have begun to expand significantly and moved to Vancouver, to the seaport known as wood-working capital. Still later, in 1971, the company moved its headquarters to the United States north of the Seattle. At that time the Americans took up most of the Lindal customers. Now, the U.S., an estimated 80% of pine homes, with 10% for Canadian and foreign markets.

Lindal president tells us that experiencing a crisis in the U.S. market were felt with customer downward trend, but a good overall company performance helps to keep the growing popularity of cedar homes abroad, especially in Russia. It built large houses of 300-400 m, the expensive materials used in both the structure of the house, both exterior and interior. According to R. W. Lindal, Russian cedar popularly referred to as wood is actually a cedar pine that produce resin and is far softer than the Canadian cedar.

"Our wood features are clearly superior to those building materials, which the Russians have held its own, Russian cedar - making it easily found the exclusivity and quality seeking customers in the Russian market,"said the president.

He notes that the company's representatives often become people who have lived in North America and fascinated region of space, large windows, window, open terraces, but very well insulated houses.

“Red cedar forests are huge. Our economic activity is negligible there”, he says. In addition, as with any Canadian or U.S. woodworking company, Lindal pays special forest tax law for which they replant more trees than they cut in commercial use.

Author: Laura Gvozdaitė, "Versus", Lithuania

Cedar Home in Vilnius district, Lithuania

An exclusive design and high-level material made it possible to build a quality house in a subtle beauty. For building was used healthy materials: wood fiber, gypsum fiber boards, plaster of clay and, of course, cedar wood.