Cedar homes


There are two factors to consider when choosing your roof, the roofing system and the materials. The system and material choices provide you a lifetime of strength combined with energy-efficiency.

Lindal's engineered roofing system gives you the flexibility to match the style, pitch and roofing materials to your home's architectural style. Each Lindal roof system offers excellent ventilation, thank to continuous vents that run the entire length of the soffit and ridge. The roof system creates a continuous airflow that keeps roof framing and insulation dry, preventing the moisture that can cause rot and mold. The same system also channels out unwanted heat in summer, which can help reduce the need for air conditioning. And, if you live in a cold climate, the Polar Cap roof system options allows for extra insulation. For warm, humid climates, the Tropical roof is designed with air circulation in mind.


Unique solutions of Canadian red cedar home technology help dreams come true – this is the system of columns and beams, when the floor and the roof loads are transferred to laminated timber posts, in this way ensuring stability of the building; meanwhile, high space in the building gives the feeling of coziness and warmth