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Clay is the oldest building material of mankind

Clay is considered as the world's oldest building material. For thousands of years people have enjoyed the benefits of this natural product.

Clay became the most enduring building material which requires only minimal processing power resources. It is a completely natural product of nature. Clay is a healthy and environmentally friendly building material.

For many years people have rated the clay quality, durability and health benefits. However, the clay was temporarily forgotten because of the emergence of the market for modern construction materials. Today, when human health is so expensive and the ecology issue is very important for humanity, the clay has again become one of the most widely used materials in construction. The clay is many times better than any human artificially created product.


Clay plaster characteristics

* 100% natural, no volatile organic compounds, non-toxic.
* Absorbs odors, mold-resistant.
* Adjusts the amount of moisture in the room and creates a good climate.
* Accumulates heat, render the surface accumulation of static charge.
* Cover is highly durable, fade resistant thanks to the natural mineral pigments.
* Suitable for various surfaces.

Make it yourself

Clay plaster is ecological building material so it isfun to work with. It is an ideal material for both, the master and for a newbie. Anyone wishing to use clay to make their homes look nice and fresh can do it by themselves.

Natural colors

Clay plaster offers you to feel the spirit of travel with a little imagination interior design. Impressive clay plaster color palette will facilitate your job. Colored clay plaster has 38 fully coordinated natural hues, impressive ceiling and wall designs.

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