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Cedar Homes is collaborating with STEICO, Fermacell and Pro Crea companies that provide healthy and eco-friendly building materials.

STEICO ( Wood Fiber ) >>

Cedar homes provide home insulation works with STEICO materials. STEICO building material not only heat, but also insulate the sound. Such building materials significantly reduce energy costs. STEICO products are characterized not only by low thermal conductivity but also the opportunity to accumulate a lot of heat. It stores heat energy all day long and transfers heat to the premises only after about 12 hours. As a result, the house attic is pleasantly cool in the summer and in winter it provides a good microclimate.

All insulation boards has NATURE PLUS sign. This is a European quality mark indicating that the building material is healthy and eco-friendly environment.

Pro Crea ( Clay plaster ) >>

Clay plaster is not only environmentally eco-friendly material but also the world's oldest building material with which to work is very simple. It strives to create a good climate in your home. This building material requires minimal energy resources.

Clay is a 100% eco-friendly material, non-toxic, which absorbs odors and is resistant to mold. It regulates the humidity in the house. The coating material is extremely durable and suitable for any surface.

The clay plaster contains only naturally occurring ingredients that are also eco-friendly to the environment and human health. The clay plaster is able to obtain various structures and offers you a diversity of individual needs. We also offer clay paints and clay panels. Because of these materials your house will be cozy, warm and healthy.

Fermacell ( Gypsum fiber boards ) >>

Because of its very special properties gypsum fiber boards are suitable for use in hospitals, schools, sports halls, hotels, public buildings. Fermacell products are used for floor systems, standard partitions, fire protection, acoustic partitions for wetroom installation.

Fermacell gypsum fiber boards are environmentally eco-friendly, shock-resistant, moisture resistant, good sound insulation, decoration and developed a unique total system.

Gypsum fiber boards are manufactured using standard materials in unusual way. Re-processing gypsum, cellulose fibers from paper and water are mixed in to form of a solid mass from which extremely high pressure is formed in a high-density plates. No other chemicals are used in the production process. After a special drying these sheets are cut to the desired standard or customer sized unique fiber boards.

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