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We are a professional timber frame home builders and strive to create a healthy, comfortable living environment. We ensure longevity, healthy home constructions and use high-quality building materials that we are supplied by: Fermacell (Germany), STEICO (Germany), Pavatex (Switzerland), Proclima (Germany) Lindal (Canada) NBP Cedar (Canada) Rothoblaas (Italy), Wavin (the Netherlands) and others. Those all materials allow homes to avoid the mold and allergens (dust, pets, as well as cockroaches or some fungal species).

Eco-friendly building materials

Wood fiber (STEICO). The materials insulate not only heat but also the sound. This helps to reduce energy costs. Due to their special insulation properties the house will be comfortable. Wood fiber has a high thermal capacity. It full-time stores heat energy and transfers heat to the premises only after about 11 hours when the outdoor temperature is colder. As a result, healthy home construction loft is pleasantly cool in the summer and in winter it provides a good microclimate. STEICO products are insulators and noise reducer.

Clay plaster (ProCrea Clay). Clay is a healthy and eco-friendly building material: 100% natural, no volatile organic compounds, non-toxic, odor absorbing, resistant to mold, regulates the moisture content of the room and creates a good climate; accumulates heat, render the surface accumulation of static charge; coating is extremely durable; fade resistant thanks to natural mineral pigments, suitable for different surfaces.

Gypsum fiber panels (Fermacell). Fermacell products are for: floor systems, standard partitions, fire protection, acoustic partitions wetroom installation. Fermacell gypsum panels are eco-friendly, shock-resistant, moisture resistance, good sound insulation and etc.

Cedar shingles (NCI Cedar). White cedar shingles are used in a wide range of buildings - both residential housing and public utility buildings. A rough shingle lifespan is 25-30 years. Shingles life can be increased by 15% by covering the wood preservative every 5-7 years. Longevity of the factory-impregnated wood shingles is increased 25-30 years. Last but not least, the ventilation of the roof structure increases white cedar shingle roof being operated for 80 years.

Healthy microclimate

One of the healthy house construction principles is to create a good microclimate. This is guaranteed by eco-friendly building materials that we use for the creation of suitable physical factors affecting the metabolism of the human body heat and its thermal well-being, ie air temperature, air humidity, air speed and radiation.

Healthy home kit

Breathable constructions. Healthy house uses structures (external walls, roof and floor), special insulation and finishing materials create a healthy home-balanced climate and humidity balance. Due to the technology used in house you feel very warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer.
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All of our used materials are the stringent European Community standards. Construction labeling as the eligibility assessment is particularly important component of the product. The product is often labeled in order to emphasize its uniqueness: quality and security. Building products is directly related to the individual home owner, their families and construction site staff welfare, health and safety.

Why choose us?

We build across the Europe. We advise and execute project maintenance. We offer you exclusivity, because a technology of healthy home can be adapted to an individual project.
Our advantages: high-quality building materials, lifetime warranty on constructions, rational and responsible management of the project, experienced team of builders, fast work. Construction method offers the opportunity to carry out work during a cold time of year. System and the quality of the work approved technical certificates.

Build your dream and healthy home with us!
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Exclusive house "from...turnkey"

House for a flat price with complete finishes with a lifetime warranty. Constructed using the highest quality eco - friendly building materials. Feel safe in your dwelling!

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