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Lindal Green Building

Long before "green" became fashionable construction, Lindal company has already built the house thinking about the nature. Lindal believe that a good building is not only superficial, but ensuring quality and longevity homes. The time tested Lindal work and home designs creates an individual home for you. Lindal will make it harmonious with nature. Lindal is proud of being the first company approved by the National Association of Homebuilders as green building representative.

For choosing Lindal you may consider:

Corporate culture

1. More than 65 years of experience in home design and construction harmonizing it with nature.

2. Commitment to environmentally friendly and renewable materials of young wood.

3. Resource management by replanting trees that are grown for timber houses. For almost 20 years over 100,000 trees were replanted according to American Forests Global ReLeaf program.

4. The manufacturing process optimizes the use of materials in the factory and greatly reduces the waste on lay of the land.

Lindal planning and designs

5. Start by creating environmentally friendly home site plan, taking into account: the selected location of the land, existing flora and climate in relation to the sun and wind.

6. Solar thermal receipt, control of temperature or naturally growing flora reduces energy consumption and creates a happy, full of solar homes.

7. Natural ventilation maintains air quality and reduces cooling costs.

8. Understanding what it takes to build energy-efficient home.

Manufacturing and construction

9. Lindal building system is a highly sophisticated process that consists of several components that are designed for use while enhancing the structural integrity and reducing infiltration.

10. Construction products are stronger.

11. Lindal windows are rated by ENERGY STAR ™ as energy-efficient windows.

12. Complete interior and exterior rails reduce the amount of waste in the workplace.

You are a builder and your priorities will be ours. Some customers have shared their experience that building a Lindal home paid an additional 10% of the construction costs in the preliminary planning and construction but living in their new home heating cost were reduced 50%. By choosing Lindal your home will be energy efficient.