Cedar homes

TD3 series

Turkel Design is available to work with clients to modify each plan to suit unique sites, budgets, and lifestyle requirements.

Dwell TD3 2100

Designed to nestle into established neighborhoods, this feature-laden family home is sensitively scaled to be a great neighbor. Upon entry, the house slowly unfolds, becoming more open and transparent as one moves away from the street. Perfect for a growing family, this home offers three bedrooms, a family room, and a ground floor guest suite—ideal for a grandparent’s extended stay. The two-story great room expands onto a sheltered outdoor terrace. Upstairs, the private master suite and the large studio feature their own private roof decks—the perfect escape from the daily grind.

Dwell TD3 2400

Nestled into the trees, the simple forms of this home seem one with nature. Designed to collect rainwater and exhaust the home’s warm air in the summer, the double-incline roof is defined by exposed beams of beautiful Douglas fir. Designed with a growing family in mind, this 3 bedroom, 3 bath home features en suite bedrooms on both floors. In the great room, an operable wall of glass opens the house onto a shaded deck. Above - the studio/workspace is the perfect tree-fort getaway. Open to the fireplace below and the trees beyond, it is an ideal go-away place to inspire and be inspired.

Dwell TD3 2700

Featuring remarkably fresh lines and an impressive sensitivity of scale, this home is a pitch-perfect response to the bloated homes of today. Designed to reduce the volume-to-floor area ratio, the inclined butterfly roof shades, shelters, channels out unwanted hot air, collects its own rainwater and subtly harmonizes form and function. A refined and expressive family home, the TD3 2990 was featured in Time magazine’s April, 2009 issue of the Green Design 100, a compendium of the world’s best environmentally-conscious design.