Cedar homes

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Exclusive house for an affordable price

100 + year warranty *

House for a flat price with complete finishes with a lifetime warranty. Constructed using the highest quality eco - friendly building materials. Feel safe in your dwelling.

Cedar house concept is functionality, health and comfort. We have developed a number of exciting home projects. We use only quality building materials.

We used wood wool as heat insulation;
We offer clay plaster products. This is a unique and eco-friendly products for internal walls and ceilings;
We recommended fermacell for exceptional performance

House "turn-key" means that you get:

1. House project
2. Construction insurance
3. Foundations
4. Canadian cedar trim
5. Natural clay home decoration
6. Thermal insulation - wood fiber
7. Roof coating
8. Flooring
9. Wooden stairs
10. Wooden internal doors
11. Flooring
12. The heating system
13. Chimney
14. Plumbing
15. Electrical installation
16. Alarms
17. Rain water system
18. Wooden windows

* lifetime warranty for constructions

For more information, please, contact us:

E-mail: info@cedarhomes.eu
Mobile phone: +370 670 77971

Cedar Home in Vilnius district, Lithuania

An exclusive design and high-level material made it possible to build a quality house in a subtle beauty. For building was used healthy materials: wood fiber, gypsum fiber boards, plaster of clay and, of course, cedar wood.

Tree of Life - Canadian Red Cedar

Lindal Cedar Homes uses the finest Western red cedar to build your dream home. This material was chosen because: Western red cedar contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insect attack and decay. Cedar is also a dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight even as it ages.

Lifetime Warranty

Time-tested Lindal planning, design and materials have become the basis of the company's success. We rely on our strength and we are assured by our work quality, therefore, we give the customers a lifetime guarantee on structural elements of the house. Lindal is the only company in the world providing a guarantee for all life.