Cedar homes

Relevant information

Energy-efficient Cedar Home's windows

Cedar house windows are an element of an energy-efficient home. You will save energy in your home by choosing windows with the correct glass coating, gas filling, glass spacers, frames and etc.

The main energy loss is made through the windows, so, Lindal's production basis is low emission argon gas (Low E Argon) glass, known for its special feature - detained heat. Lindal offers a wide range of different styles of windows with a 10 year warranty.

Cedar decks

Cedar deck is an integral and important component of Lindal house. Wood decks allow universal use of this space, which has been used for decades. Such wood decks have the highest stress due to severe weather conditions that they face every day and night, season after season.

Bring Your Dreams to Life

Maybe it`s a beach house with a barefoot spirit and prow of windows looking out to the shore. Or a storybook farmhouse by the lake with cozy window seats and a covered porch. Maybe it`s a master – crafted lodge with views as big as all outdoors and plenty of room for family and friends. Or a sleek, stylish contemporary on that perfect piece of land that inspires you to scale down and simplify your life.